The Hustle

“It takes energy”
-Draymond Green


“Thanks to a new NBA initiative, the game’s biggest intangible—hustle—is now tangible. And what has a season of tracking stats such as deflections, charges and loose balls taught us? That basketball’s most talented team, THE WARRIORS, is also its scrappiest”
Lee Jenkins, Sports Illustrated 

“This is about energy. You can get an assist without expending energy. You can score a point without expending energy. Sometimes you can even get a rebound without expending energy. But you don’t set screens without expending energy. You don’t contest shots without expending energy. You don’t get deflections—unless you walk into one every now and then—without expending energy. These are the things in basketball you have to really want to do.”
Draymond Green, Forward for the Golden State Warriors

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