All-Access with the Denver Nuggets

“Every team in the NBA utilizes some form of video analysis, so getting a leg up on the competition can be challenging.”
-Travess Armenta


“You just try and find weaknesses in teams… I do this thing called ‘Play Edits’ where we’ll have every play they run in the edit, and coaches will go skim through it and organise it as they see fit. So if we’re playing Houston tomorrow, we’ll cut their five most recent games before the game tomorrow and then separate it and organise it by half court defence, transition defence, pick and roll defence, post defence, that kind of stuff. Then our coaches are really good at looking at it and seeing what is the best way that it was covered and then what they think is the best way we should cover it.”
-Travess Armenta, Head Video Coordinator of the Denver Nuggets

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